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Ms. Nina Grueter & Mr. Daniel C. Mies

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Persons responsible for the website content pursuant to §6 MDStV (Legislation governing the inland adoption of the Media Services International Treaty)

Ms. Nina Grueter and Mr. Daniel C. Mies


Data protection declaration

We are pleased that you are visiting our website and thank you for your interest for our business, our products and our websites. It is important for us, that you experience the protection of your personally referred details whilst visiting our websites. Please therefore be aware of the following information:

Anonymous data raising

Members of the public can essentially visit the websites of netHEAVEN GmbH (Inc.) on an anonymous basis. The corporation: netHEAVEN GmbH (Inc.) only becomes aware of the name of the internet services provider of the visitor through whom the visitor accesses its website and the websites which the visitor onward visits from our website. This information is merely evaluated for statistical purposes. The individual visitor actually remains entirely anonymous.


The raising and processing of personally referred data

Personally referred data will only be raised by the corporation: netHEAVEN GmbH (Inc.) when the customer, for example reveals these when concluding a contract on the website, or submits a contact query, or registers for personalized services. All raised personally referred data will be handled with confidentiality and securely stored.


Exporting and the processing of data in countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEC).

No data are exported outside of the member states of the EEC.


The exploitation and relay of personally referred data

The personally referred data raised on the websites of the netHEAVEN GmbH (Inc.) will only be exploited without your permission for purposes of the conclusion of agreements and contracts and for the processing of applications and queries. The data necessary for concluding business can however be passed to associated business partners and suppliers, e.g. to the banks for collecting customer payments.


External links

Customers will find links on our website seek to provide optimum information. The links connect to the external websites of third parties. When customers are not fully aware of this facility, we draw your attention to this fact, which these links connect to an external source. The netHEAVEN GmbH (Inc.) has unfortunately no control over the content or design of the external websites of third-party providers. The provisions of this data protection declaration therefore do not of course apply to such third-party external websites.


For the same reason, the netHEAVEN GmbH (Inc.) can adopt no liability for such third-party external websites. Should we receive reports of illegal practices on such external third-party websites, the link to these will of course be removed from our website.



We hereby give notice that our website(s) are copyright protected. Any exploitation of the content is therefore not permitted without the prior written permission of the netHEAVEN GmbH (Inc.).

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